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Do you become unhappy and frustrated during disciplined practice? Are you still
wondering what it feels like to have your letters flow line after line?

It Is Not Your Fault!

Without the proper practice pad you will never find that place of rhythm and flow. double-lines

I Stumbled Onto This Pad 16 Years Ago

As the owner of Jerrol's Book & Art Supply Co, I had several calligraphy instructors ask me for the Westwind Pad™. They had heard about it from other instructors. I was clueless. What is the Westwind Pad™?

I had never heard of it. None of the wholesalers stocked it. As I continued to search for a source for months a friend gave me the number for Denys Taipale-Knight. She was the creator of the pad and was selling it herself. Eureka! I had found gold. We quickly made arrangements to sell the Westwind Pad™ at Jerrol's.

EdnaI insist that my students use the Westwind Pad for their practice for several reasons, the most important being that the paper works easily with many writing materials.

Students find it very frustrating when their ink bleeds into the paper, or skips over a slick spot, or slides off the ink used to print the grid, leaving their letters full of light horizontal lines. This simply does not happen with the Westwind Pad.

Other practice pads do not have slant line angles built into every page, making it simple for the student to rule slant lines, so important for practice.

The Westwind Pad is the only practice pad I know of that has a wealth of information, including pen angle guides printed on the front. Students can refer to this information when practicing alone, which is not the case with other practice pads.

In short, when my students have a positive practice experience, my job is made much easier, which makes me a very satisfied teacher.
Edna Bjorge
Calligraphy instructor
Owner: Edna Bjorge, Calligraphy, Design & Illustration
Ellensburg, WA

Life Was Good Until....

1992 when Denys had enough, sick of the problems with printers failing to fulfill orders and all the issues surrounding producing and selling her unique practice pad. She quit. No more Westwind Pad™.

My Mom Got Mad at Me!

Yes, mom's a calligrapher and is always making greeting cards for my two kids. And now I had to tell her that I could no longer get her the practice pad she had come to rely on.

This would not do. I looked like the bad guy. The instructors were mad, the students were mad, my mom was mad. She kept telling me that she would not go back to the scratchy, blotchy pad that never allowed her to "Zen Out" during practice and let the letters flow.

So I had to contact Denys and her husband Stan Knight. I made them a proposal to purchase the trademarked secrets of the Westwind Pad™. She insisted I promise to manufacture only the very highest quality pad using her "secrets" learned through trial and error.

Now the Problems with Printers, Paper and Ink Density Had Become Mine

I had to find a printer that would allow me to test the paper, control the type and density of the ink. I even had to make sure that they printed on the right side of the paper. I insisted that a calligrapher be on hand during printing to test the pads as they came off the press.

Back to Mom

I took one of the first pads off the press and gave it to mom for the big test. If mom wasn't happy no calligrapher would be happy either.

She gave me the thumbs up. Well not really. I don't know about your mom, but mine doesn't do "thumbs up". But she gave me my first testimonial. Thanks Mom!!

Rolf's MomAs a Calligrapher who is seriously working to improve her letterforms, I find the Westwind Calligraphy Pad to be most useful. Having so much information on the front of the pad and the angles marked on the top of each page as well as the lines at regular intervals help immensely with the quality of the practice. All this at my fingertips means I can have the nib and ink ready to go and concentrate on improving those letterforms. The quality of the paper helps the ink flow easily and it almost never bleeds through onto the next sheet. So now I can relax, think about the letterforms, knowing that the slant, angle and spacing will be uniform. The Westwind Calligraphy Pad is my practice pad of choice!
Annette Williams
Ellensburg, Wa
Rolf's Mom
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The Westwind Pad™ is now available. You too can experience the joy that comes from practicing with a pad that was designed to allow you to concentrate on the rhythm and flow of lettering and not on the pad.

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My Personal Guarantee-

If after 3 weeks you do not agree that this is the best practice pad on the market just return the remaining product with a sample of the unsatisfactory result and we will return 100% of your purchase price, no questions asked. (Actually we will ask what type of ink and pen you were using so we can test and improve the Westwind Pad™ if needed)

Rolf T. Williams
Jerrol's Inc.
Manufactures of the Westwind Pad™


PS This is the practice pad Instructors insist students use. I will pay the shipping just so you can try the same pad my mother uses.



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